People on the Move

People on the Move is a program designed by ROAM for elementary-aged students to learn about, understand, and reflect on the ways that people of different races, backgrounds and cultures came to the United States and settled throughout the country. 

People on the Move answers the big question “Where did we come from?”, and helps students understand that almost everyone was an immigrant at some point in history.

The central themes of People on the Move are immigration and migration, and how people from many countries have made America the country it is today.  Key to this program is American Roots Music, which is integrated into a social studies curriculum to create a long-lasting and meaningful approach to the teaching of history and culture.  

The curriculum for People on the Move combines songs, stories, and instruments to bring the story of immigration and migration in Cleveland and the United States to life.  The music also provides a multi-modal strategy of teaching concepts, so that the curriculum is accessible to a wide spectrum of learners: gifted, typically-developing or having special learning needs.  Education research shows that lessons that appeal to emotions last longest in memory.

Time (# of days/hours/minutes per program or session): eight classroom days and one final event, 45 - 50-minutes per class visit

Grades served: 3-6

Number of Students per program or session:  up to 30 students per class/ session

Number of Organizational Presenters: a solo Roots of American Music teaching artist in the classroom. A one-time trio for the final assembly.