Literacy through Songwriting

is for grades 1- 4. Student’s literacy skills will be enhanced through music-making as this program engages students in a songwriting experience that is synced to common core language and musical arts standards. During the program period, students will learn how to write and perform songs according to arts performance and audience behavioral standards. Students will be exposed to songs that highlight their spelling words, vocabulary and parts of speech. Students will also complement their literacy objectives through personal songwriting activities, such as group songwriting, storytelling and/or re-enactment of familiar stories through song, and performing traditional and original songs during each class and at the end of the residency.

Students will also learn song forms to further supplement their immersion experience. The structure of the residency further creates an environment in which students are able to develop core social and life skills such as brainstorming, collaboration, and facilitation. Upon completion of the residency, students at each school will perform their own songs for a peer audience.

Suggested Time (# of days/hours/minutes per class):eight classroom days and one final event, 45 - 50-minutes per class visit

Grades served: 1-4

Number of Students per program or session:  up to 30 students per class/ session

Number of Organizational Presenters: asolo Roots of American Music teaching artist in the classroom. A one-time trio for the final assembly

Contact info:

Tam Sivertson        216 321 9350


Kevin T. Richards   216 978 2746 cell/text