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Roots of American Music, founded in 1999, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that recognizes our communities are in needs of culture-enhancing and uplifting educational programming to strengthen individual skills through the arts.  We provide community-based programming that depends on community input about service gaps and underserved individuals in diverse and low income neighborhoods.  All programs are tailored to site-specific needs so that participants benefit musically, educationally, and individually through life skills development (teambuilding, leadership, self-determination).

ROAM employs 20 artist-educators who reach over 15,000 individuals annually with educational music programs for all ages through direct and virtual programming (radio, television). Through ROAM residencies, professional development workshops, assemblies and free public performances, participants discover the power, beauty and significance of traditional American music and culture.

For school-based programs, ROAM residencies and assemblies are aligned with state and school district standards in arts, science, language arts, math, history and other academic subjects. This non traditional approach to teaching incorporates the arts into the educational curriculum, while fostering excitement and the joy of music.

ROAM is especially thankful to its many individual, foundation, and corporate supporters for their committment to the arts and for the passage of Issue 18 by the voters of Cuyahoga County, Ohio which allows Cuyahoga Arts and Culture to support the arts that serve county residents.


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